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Level 6 Stylist

Naoko is a level 6 stylist who has contributed over 25 years to the beauty industry. As the founder of the Taka Hair Salon alongside her mother Kiyoko, Naoko is a true visionary and leader in her own right. Her technique spans across many different countries and cultures. She offers her clients an array of services from hair coloring, to haircutting, perming, straightening, and hair thickening services as well as extensions. She’s partnered with and have been sought out by both major brands and celebrities alike. In addition, Naoko created a series of natural products called “Sai Zen”. This was the result of repeated studies on hair growth after 10 years of research, andfinding a way to solve the problems at the root of the issue.When she’s not in the salon, Naoko enjoys traveling and spending quality time with her mother, husband, and adorable daughter Maya. She strives to treat people with love, and help them become the most beautiful versions of themselves.

Through the powerful technology of Japan, and her family’s dream in the United States, she’s able to satisfy every customerthat walks through the door.