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Level 6 Stylist / Stylist Manager

Kumiko is a level 6 stylist and a stylist manager at Taka. As a manager, Kumiko grooms each stylist for greatness to ensure they reach their full potential. Kumiko has been at Taka for more than 12 years but has been a stylist in this industry for 20 years! Her work has been featured at Disney Studio, Warner’s Brother Studio, Fox, Budweiser and Pepsi. She has worked with clients like Larry King, snoop dog, and Tom Arnold to name a few. Kumiko’s has trained in London, Japan and the United States, so the diversity in her technique knows no boundaries. In Addition to hair, kumiko loves her pet cat lily, eating chocolate and anything with eggplant. Kumiko’s heart for hair and people, truly creates an unforgettable experience every day.

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