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Hair Stylists (staff)
Our staff consists of top award-winning stylists from Japan and the USA. We offer the most advanced technology and services, and our number one goal is to please customers all over the world with love and care.

Hair Products
We focus on improving people's lives and carrying environmentally friendly AVEDA natural products.

About the Owner (2018):

There are a lot of customers that come from all over the world. As we talk to them, we understand and feel what is going on, and how their lifestyles, work environments, family issues, and stress levels are different. We always make sure our customers are relaxed and will enjoy our service at Taka Hair Salon. Our job is making our customers beautiful on the outside and influence the beauty inside of them to shine with confidence, positivity, and peace. Many of our customers have daily challenges and feel pressure or stress. As I was born in Japan (which is very peaceful, calm, harmonized country), I learned the Japanese traditional philosophy, “Wa”, which centers on peace, love, respect, consideration, purity, and calmness. I also learned American freedom, and positive thinking, which I love. I believe the combination of Japanese and American philosophies together will help people be more peaceful and happy with their lives. I plan to provide some seminars and classes to help and relax our minds and hearts, and to also include some fun classes. I would like to serve our customers not only on their outside but also strive to make their inside beautiful, and help them to enjoy their lives. And I hope it will lead to a more peaceful and beautiful world!

New services from 2017
● Seminar and class offerings
● A "Customer of the month", published on our website and Facebook.
● Offering eyelash perm and facial mask packages
● Offering special seasonal drink menus
● Live music featuring piano, singing, guitar, etc.
● Offering special beauty packages

Recommended menu in 2017
● Hair & Makeover Makeover Packages
● Japanese Thermal Straightening
● Long Lasting Treatment
● Hair Thickening Service
● Scalp massage

- Naoko Tamada (Owner)

From the Owner:

Naoko Tamada
CEO / Hair Stylist / Hair Consultant

My mother was able to raise two children with her own hands. We grew up with a mother that ran a hair salon. She won a number of contests, and was often featured as a guest lecturer. I was so proud of my mother, and seeing the smiles on every customer’s face was a reward. Even then, I was able to witness each day filled with overflowing happiness.

My father died of cancer when I was 8 years old, and my brother was 4. My mother smoothly transitioned into raising us on her own, running a lot of the salon management from home. She was greeted warmly on her return to the salon, even though she was forced to bring her children along. This was a shining example of a woman who continued to work hard not only as a hairdresser and businesswoman, but also as a parent. It became my dream to give her a way to spend the rest of her life happy and at ease.
I can now say the the happiness and importance of love my mother has is the foundation of my being, with special importance placed on acting with courage.

Moving to America can change your life!
My mother, aware that both of her children were artistic, knew that the educational system in Japan didn’t cater to such needs, and when the opportunity to move to America presented itself, she dove in headfirst. She gracefully quit her salon business, and moved the entire family to the United States. We piled up quite a bit of trouble acclimating to this new country, but those problems have now faded into funny stories. The biggest decision my mother made changed my brother and I’s life forever.

And, in 1997, we opened our first store: Taka Hair Salon in West Los Angeles. I was the manager, my mother the engineer, and we gave the salon the name of my younger brother. It was truly the beginning of a new life for the three of us as a family. The salon has been going strong for over 18 years now, and I never thought that I would open up a second location in 2013. We’ve based the salon business on our core values: bringing Japanese technology and techniques to customers living in the United States. We wanted to create a salon that harbored the idea of believing in yourself - and I know that we have done just that.

In our hearts burned such a passion, that my mother and I worked around the clock. At that time, our only customers were Japanese people that had moved to the United States, and the debt we incurred was catching up to us. Eventually, it came down to making a choice to close the shop or continue business and hope for the best. I decided to continue keeping the shop open, following the saying ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’. In other words, because we were living in the United States, I had to learn American business values and open up our customer base. We took our techniques based in the Japanese techniques and applied them to American customers, to great results! While learning American business, I took advantage of the strengths of the Japanese “Yuko System”, and provided a unique hair service technology that allows hair to become silky straight.

The decision paid off. In 2011, we won the “Yuko System” hair straightening sales award, being the Number 1 salon in California, and in 2013 becoming number one in the United States. Customers have become aware of this service all over the world, and we now have customers that fly in to California just to have the procedure done.
I took a chance on my dreams, and they came true. I inherited my drive from my mother, and obtained my confidence through a successful hair salon.

Aiming for New Business Developments in Hair Growth Products

Currently, Taka Hair Salon offers technology and services centered around stylists who have won a number of contests using the “Tokyo Style” of haircutting. Using these precision techniques from Japan to achieve innovated styles in the United States combined the height of beauty technology in both countries, all while being devoted to teaching our customers how to achieve the same look at home.

In addition to our business as a salon, I created a series of natural products called “Sai Zen”. This was the result of repeated studies on hair growth after 10 years of research, finding a way to solve the problems at the root of the issue. Initially, my mother had to wear a wig every day, and can now enjoy styling her own hair, thanks to the continued use of Sai Zen. Our shampoo and scalp spray uses a plethora of natural herbs to help customers suffering from thinning hair. They are now able to style their own hair naturally, with supplemental products from the Sai Zen line, including a conditioner and styling wax.

My Values
I strive to treat people with love, and to cherish the connections that I make with all people. I connect my passion to every customer that I meet, and help them to become the most beautiful versions of themselves.

Through a successful hair salon, it is possible to provide unique hair styles to those all around the world. Through the powerful technology of Japan, and my family’s dream in the United States, I am able to satisfy every Taka Hair Salon customer. To all of the customers, staff, and community: I thank you.

Taka Hair Salon was featured in Faircourt VIP with television actress Oana Gregory! See the video here: