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Do you like the smooth and silky look, fluffy and soft look, or a weightless sleek look? We can create any of these wonderful looks with our many different treatments.

NEW! Soda Spa Treatment

$65 & up, add-on only

This technique comes directly from Japan, and utilizes carbonated water during your service to rinse and wash your hair. SODA SPA is warm water which contains CO2 gas.
The Japanese Law of Hot Spring states that a Soda Spa is warm water which contains more than 0.25g of CO2 gas (250ppm). One liter of warm water which contains more than 1g(1,000ppm) is considered the best Soda Spa, and the most effective. We will use this carbonated water to give you shiny, silky results!

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This amazing hair treatment is only available at Taka Hair Salon in the US. The combination of the best Japanese secret technology and natural herbs make the shine and smoothness last up to 5 weeks.

Aveda Botanical Treatment $45 & up

This treatment is very good if your hair is really damaged and/or dry. The Aveda Botanical Treatment repairs and gives strength to the hair, and will improve hair’s resistance to breakage by up to 71%. It softens, moisturizes, and smooths hair to seal in moisture and shine.

Aveda Exfoliating Scalp Treatment $50

This is 100% naturally derived, relaxing, spa-quality Exfoliating Scalp massage treatment cleanse hair and exfoliates the scalp to increase circulation, opens pores, and remove dull, dead skin cells, excess oil, product build-up and impurities. It creates a noticeably smoother, healthier- looking and feeling scalp.
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Botanical Therapy Hair & Scalp Treatments $90 & up

BOTANICAL THERAPY HAIR & SCALP TREATMENTS is like a spa for your head.

It begins with a restorative scalp treatment and ends with a transformative moisture or repair
treatment. Your hair will look healthier and shinier - and feel soft and silky.
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NEW! Minecolla Hydrogen Treatment

single $400  double $530

Minecolla Treatment was developed as the world's first treatment that uses the hydrogen principle to replenish moisture into inside of hair. It has been featured numerous times on Japanese television and in women's fashion magazines, and customers had to wait for 3 years to make a reservation. This special technology has been patented. This is not a treatment that coats and cleanses the surface of your hair like conventional treatment method but a hair rejuvenation method that uses hydrogen to restore your hair to its natural state of suppleness and luster.

At Taka Hair Salon, we are the first and only salon where service the famous Minecolla Hydrogen Treatment in U.S. A.

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