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Instant Hair

Micro Point Solutions by Cyberhair has the only solution on the market that is very natural and very safe for men and women who have fine thin hair. It is the safest, most featherweight non-invasive hair loss solution. Micro Point Solutions is the healthy alternative solution to pump up and add considerable volume to fine, thin hair

Link Extension - $100 per 100 hairs SPECIAL PROMOTION

1200 hairs for $800 (reg. $1200)
600 hairs for $500 (reg. $600)
300 hairs for $300

Micro Point Link allows us to take 4 strands of hair and link them directly to a single strand of growing hair, instantly increasing the density of that hair by 400% without causing damage or stress to the hair. The knot is so tiny, your new hair looks and feels like your natural growing hair. The hair used for Micro Point Solutions is called Cyberhair, the most revolutionary hair available in the world. It is so technologically advanced, no other hair matches its beauty and durability. Japanese experts have invested over ten years in research and development to bring to you this newest innovation. You can be as active as you want. It is feather light, many times stronger than natural growing hair, and has moisture content and style memory that will allow your hair to move naturally with freedom and flexibility. Wet or dry, Cyberhair is guaranteed to always look great. To ensure a natural and gradual process that is unnoticeable to others, Cyberhair can be added once every 4 to 6 weeks. It can be added anywhere to increase your bangs or even change your hairline. You hair can still be washed everyday, colored, or chemically treated.

Accent Extension $9 per extension and up

If you want to add a lot of hair at one time, Accent will be the best solution. A Micro Point Accent has 100 Cyberhairs attached to one very tiny bead which is 1/5 of a regular extension’s attachment. No glues, heat, bonds, or chemicals. This extension is especially made for thin hair, so it will give you more volume with a little extensions and very light and quick.

Wigs $500 and up including hair cut and styling

Recommended for:
- Fixing receding hairlines
- Adding hair to hide patches
- Integrating your own hair with the wig
- Leaving a wig on every day, even while swimming
- Increasing your favorite hairstyle
- Increasing the amount of hair and color preference
- Covering everything from the top of the head to the hairline

Technique to Cover your Receding Hairline, Balding Patches, or Entire Head
We will use a special glue to attach a small patch of hair to scalp where hair is missing, covering up bald spots. You are able to completely live with this hair, including exercising swimming.
Because it’s custom-made, it will fit the exact shape of your head. We can match the exact color and texture of your hair, so that even upon the closest inspection, no one will be able to tell it’s a wig!

Integration into your own hair
The hair of the Aderans wig will integrate with your own, allowing you to create styles using both your own and the artificial hair. The mesh net allows air to get to your scalp, cooling your head, and never crushing your hair.

Chemotherapy or Medical Hair Loss wig:
Normal hair falls out two weeks following chemotherapy treatments. Prior to receiving chemotherapy, you can come to receive a consultation about your hairstyles, hair type, and to diagnose the amount of hair, so that we can have your wig ready.
Regular wigs can leave a rash on a scalp that has lost hair due to chemotherapy. Aderans wigs allow a comfortable, breathable option. Cancer surgery is as mentally tough as it is physically, and keeping a style similar to before the surgery can help make the transition easier.
Also, we offer Hair Growth Shampoos and Treatments that allow hair to grow back after chemotherapy four to six weeks faster than normal.


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