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Extensions Q & A

Q: What is the difference between Individual and Fusion?

Fusion is especially recommended for those with a weak scalp because the hair pieces are bonded with a special glue, without having to touch the scalp directly. The results are a natural finish because the pieces are finely bonded, as well as being able to create detailed designs. It is best suited to create highlights with extensions as well. Another plus side is that it’s easy to remove/ take out.

Individual is a type of extension in which hair pieces are directly braided into the roots of your hair, and is popular for looking fashionable and cute even when others can notice the bonded section. Because the amount of hair locks for the extension is plenty, it is ideal for those that want to have long hair but would rather not put in that many extensions. This type is also recommended for those with fine, frizzy hair with split ends.

Q: Which type lasts longer?

Results may vary individually, but depending on the maintenance, both styles usually last from one to three months. It is recommended to use shampoos made exclusively for extensions as well as treatments.

Q: My hair is a little below my shoulder, and I would like to make them longer? about how many pieces should I put in? And approximately how long will the service take?

The amount of pieces to be put in differs depending on the client’s hair type, hair amount, as well as the desired style.

The most popular style for those that desire medium-long to long hair is: 20-40 pieces with Individual, and 30-60 pieces with Fusion. Upon making the appointment, it is recommended that the client brings a photo of the ideal style. Also, if there are budget issues, please let the stylist know in advance? the stylist will suggest the best style that would fit within the client’s budget. The time length of the service depends on the amount of extensions the client decides to put in, but the rough estimate is about two to three hours.

Q: What kind of hair pieces does Taka Hair Salon use? Am I allowed to bring in my own?

Typically we will use human hair, but depending on the style and type, if fiber is a better choice, we will use fiber pieces. Hair pieces are chosen depending on the various factors: if the client deserves a straight or body perm; hair color; as well as the desired style. It is also possible for the client to bring in their own pieces?it will be charged at a dollar off for every piece.

Q: Will my hair get damaged?

There is no need to worry for damages because there are no chemicals used during the process.

However, if extensions are left in for a long time, it will start to get tangled, and if the client tries to force the pieces to come out, the hair will be damaged. Therefore, we recommend coming in for maintenance once every two to three months.

Q: Will I still be able to style my hair with an iron?

With human hair?yes; but not with fibers because the pieces will melt.

Q: How long does my actual hair have to be to put in extensions?

Both types are possible with about four to five centimeters of your actual hair.

Q: How should I best wash my hair without tangling the hair pieces?

When washing the hair, you should try not to put direct your head downwards, and instead, try to have the water come down from the top of your head and move downwards, as this will prevent tangled ends. Apply conditioner or treatment from the ends, and rinse out as you gently detangle the knots. Do not leave your hair wet, as this results in tangled hair. It is important to dry your hair as soon as you get out of the shower/bath.

Q: Will it make my scalp itchy?

By shampooing everyday and by properly maintaining a clean and healthy lifestyle (i.e.: keeping the scalp and hair pieces clean), the scalp should not get itchy.

Q: What should I do if my hair gets too tangled?

Even with human hair, everytime it gets washed, the cuticle peels off, so it is natural for the portion of the extension to become dry and tangled.

Apply leave-in-conditioner, treatment, or oil on the ends and on the pieces; brush from the ends. Also, after shampooing, it is a must to blow-dry after detangling the ends in order to maintain extensions. Before heading off to bed, try separating your hair into pigtails, as this will prevent tangled ends in the morning.

Q: What should I do if my hair gets too tangled?

Even healthy individuals have fifty to a hundred hair losses per day. While the extensions are put in, the hair that should fall out is secured with the bond. However, once the extensions are taken out, the hair that should have fallen out will come out with the pieces, but this is healthy and normal. Therefore, hair loss should not occur due to hair extensions.