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Yuko System Straightening
What is Yuko System?
Yuko System is revolutionary hair straightening system(thermal reconditioning). This permanent straightening process was designed not only to straighten wavy or curly hair, but also to revitalize the hair. After the process is done, the hair not only stays straight, but also becomes healthier than ever.

YUKO SYTEM(originally invented in Japan) was granted a patent in the United States in 2000. Since beauty-related processes rarely receive patents in the United States, this shows how revolutionary our system is, and the United States has publically recognized its importance. What makes YUKO SYSTEM different from other straightening systems are the techniques and the products that we use in the process. As of July 2003, we are featuring the new G Series that contain Aqua Gold.

Aqua Gold: world renowned chemist of Phiten were the first to develop the breakthrough technology of water-soluble gold, "Aqua Gold" that is electrically stable. This is the essence and foundation from which all Yuko System G Series products are developed.

Flat Iron: Designed for this straightening system. Reaches max 355 F degrees, and this high heat promotes oxidation to create smooth and glossy hair.

These two key features are what makes our hair straightening system unique and special.

Sharing our Experience of the Yuko System With You
At Taka Hair Salon, we have been using the Japanese Hair Straightening System for 7 years. At our salon in Japan, we have been offering this service for over 20 years. We are very proud of our technique and our personal service. All our Stylists are trained in Japan and in the U.S.A. Some of our hair stylists have been using the YUKO SYSTEM in Japan long before the YUKO SYSTEM reached our shores.

We update our skills regularly by taking monthly seminar. The world of hair care has many different roads to achieve the same end. This is why we attend the seminars of our competitors to remain one jump ahead and to ensure quality, skilled services and products. We are very proud of our products and our technique.