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Taka Hair Salon awarded #1 Japanese Thermal Straightening Salon in Los Angeles by Yuko System, Inventor of Japanese Thermal Straightening

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If youíre thinking about straightening your hair, we highly recommend you to visit Los Angelesí Taka Hair Salon in West LA because they are definitely the best at hair straightening!

Taka Hair Salon has many years of experience with Japanese thermal straightening. Theyíve been doing it and doing it well since 1997. There are only a few salons that can process almost any type of hair. From thick and tight curls to bleached and highlighted hair, Taka Hair Salon can work with anyone. They have 15 different methods to straighten your hair, depending on how you would like it, from pin straight and natural straight, to a loose wave, and so on.

(check out Taka Hair Salonís profile to see their hours of operation and location!)

Taka Hair Salon was awarded for #1 Japanese Straightening Salon in Los Angeles from Yuko System, inventor of Japanese thermal straightening, and also completes the most amount of straightening in Los Angeles. Thatís why they are Leading LA!

Whatís Yuko Japanese thermal straightening?

The Yuko System patented straightening methodology is the first straightener to actually repair chemically damaged hair. This permanent straightening process was designed not only to straighten wavy or curly hair, but also to revitalize the hair. After the process is done, the hair not only stays straight, but also becomes healthier than ever.

Whatís the benefit?

Your hair will be straight without blow drying your hair. Wash, dry and go. Your hair will be silky and healthier feeling too. It is permanent straightening, so your hair stays straight once you get it straightened.

What is the difference between Yuko straightening and Brazilian blow out?

Yuko straightening is permanent straightening, whereas Brazilian blow out is just temporary straightening. Yuko straightening can be pin straight, naturally straight or body wave after just hand drying, whereas Brazilian blow out requires you to blow dry in order to make your hair straight. Yuko straightening is safe for anyone, whereas brazilian blow out can be harmful since it uses formaldehyde.

At Taka Hair Salon, they will provide a free consultation and can customize a most suitable straightening for your needs.

Most importantly, the entire team at Taka Hair Salon has the passion to bring the best possible result in straightening every time.

We believe thatís the biggest reason why Taka Hair Salon became the #1 hair straightening salon in L.A.

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