L.A.'s Japanese Thermal Straightning Expert!!

The Yuko Straightening System

Have you ever wished you had beautiful, silky straight hair? Hair that is soft, shiny, and blows in the wind without you ever having to worry? Well, there is something exciting for you happening in the Sawetelle area. Now in the new millennium, your dreams can come thru with an amazing technology known as the Yuko System(Thermal Reconditioning).
This Revolutionary hair-straightening system-patented in the U.S., Japan, England, and Korea-is designed not only to straighten wavy or curly hair but also to revitalize damaged hair. The Yuko system formula is what makes it unique; it alters your hair’s natural protein bonds, repairing damage and leaving you with luxuriously straight, smooth and healthy hair. It will leave you as if you were born that way. With this process, you step away from regular relaxers that make your hair straight but leave it dry and damaged. If you have ever had a disappointing experience with chemical relaxers, the Yuko System if for you.

TAKA HAIR SALON, on Sawtell in West Los Angeles, has been open for seven years. Prior to their arrival in the U.S, the member of the Taka Hair Team had practiced the Yuko System for many years in Japan. The key to having beautiful, straight hair is a matter of application, timing and other techniques. Their priority is top-level training with many years of experience in the use of special thermal implements, as well as an understanding of the value of precise and correct temperatures along with proper conditioning treatments that render optimum results. Also, an expert hair analysis is given to every customer to determine if prior chemical damage exists. The Taka Hair Team uses several applications of precious nutrients that aim to give you lustrous and vibrant hair.
A visit to Taka Hair Salon is a worthwhile investment of your time and money-a truly amazing experience. When you find yourself in need of a salon, give them a try. Taka Hair is the #1 recommended salon in Los Angeles, based on their experience and detailed methods. Also, their precision haircutting is regarded by many to be the best, a claim that is proven by their high rate to repeat clientele. The Taka Hair Team members include stylists that have won top prizes in hair competitions. Give yourself a treat and let them make you happy with any one of their many services. They are a full service salon. For Yuko System service, keep in mind that it takes a lot of time. They ask that appointments be made for early in the day, and that the entire day be kept free.
By Tomoko Kato “Enthusiastic Fan of Fashion”

Taka Hair Salon / 2010 Sawtelle Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025 / 310-575-6819 / www.takahair.com