New Japanese Thermal Straightning

At Taka Hair Salon on Sawtelle Blvd, West L.A.

Do you want straight hair with volume, movement, and cool style?

Have you ever dreamed of having beautiful straight hair? Have you ever worried that your hair may become too flat after you’ve had it straightened? Have you ever wanted to have straight hair but with the right kind of movement? Taka Hair Salon has been using a highly specialized Japanese straightening technique for 7 years that can do all of that. It’s a method the call “More than straight. ” MORE THAN STRAIGHT is a straightening system that makes your hair not only straightening but also lets you style and it comb it the way you want.Naoko, one of the specialists at Taka Hair Salon, explained that their experiences with clients who are hair have been many. Taka Hair Salon wants to give them a head of beautiful and shiny straight hair that they can do more with than just wear in a ponytail. Their desire is to give clients the hairstyle they want. “People who have curly hair are limited to certain hair styles,”

Naoko said, “and many of them want to have the spiky look or hairstyles that have a flip or elegant curl on the end. Our goal is to give the hairstyle our customers long for. And we can even adjust the amount of straightening to the customer desire.
Taka Hair Salon has been researching many kinds of straightening system. They can help you choose the right product for you and use the right technique that will give you the style you want. Whether you want to have natural looking straight hair or straight hair with cool movement, just go to Taka Hair Salon. Straightening experts will perform Japanese thermal straightening with the right products, procedures and techniques to make your dream come true.
Also, their precision hair cutting is regarded by many to be the best, a claim that is prawn by their high rate of repeat clientele. The Taka Hair Team members include stylists that have won top prize in hair competitions. If you are looking for the right salon, call Taka Hair Salon, a full-service salon. I’m sure it will be your dream salon.

By Tomoko Kato “Enthusiastic Fan of Fashion”

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