Taka Hair Salon

2010 Sawtelle Boulevard,
Los Angeles,CA 90025
310-575-6819 / www.takahair.com

Taka is a full service salon that offers haircuts,Asian-style haircolor, highlights, lowlights, hair re-growth treatments, scalp massage therapies, dreadlocks, natural nails and nail art. They are most famous for their expert skills in Japanese thermal hair straightening and Japanese style haircutting artisty. Most of their hair designers are from and trained in-Japan. Their loyal clients travel all over the world to experience the special Taka touch. The salon features Bumble & Bumble, Knotty Boy and the Yuko System.


Taka Hair Salon / 2010 Sawtelle Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025 / 310-575-6819 / www.takahair.com