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Extensions Aftercare Instructions

  • When washing the hair, avoid washing your hair upside down (as in sinks), and instead, let the water shower down from the top of your head (this will prevent and reduce tangles). Shampoo your scalp; apply conditioner/treatment from the ends to the root, and gently finger through the extensions.

  • After towel-drying, use leave in conditioner (we recommend AVEDA prep smoother) and dry your hair 50%. AVEDA prep smoother helps avoid tangles, offer heat and makes your hair smoother. After you comb your hair, apply AVEDA smoothing fluid for more shine and better styling, and blow dry your hair 100%.

  • Caution: Do not sleep with your hair wet.

  • Use shampoos and treatments well-suited for extensions to maintain and keep your new look:
    • Shampoo:                                                       
        AVEDA Smooth Infusion Shampoo etc…
    • Conditioner:        
        AVEDA Smooth Infusion Conditioner etc…

        (Please ask for more recommendations)
  • When the hair is wet, the extensions will bundle up; but once dry, the hair will separate piece by piece and will have a very natural look.