Hair Thickening

Our special scalp treatment using Chinese herbs and the latest Japanese technology will make your scalp healthier and it will help thicken your hair. We also have hair extensions for thinning hair in which the attachment is invisible and we can increase your hair naturally and gradually.

  • Does your hair lack fullness and volume?
  • Have you tried extensions and found they were too heavy for your hair and didn't give you the coverage you wanted?
  • Have you had hair extension hot glues or waxes burn your scalp?
  • Are you looking for a solution to your thinning hair that's not a hair system or surgery?

The solution is simple! Taka Hair Salon has different solution that you can choose depending on your need, condition and budget.

Solution 1
Using Dr.Sacci Shampoo everyday to help you grow your hair thicker and more. A double-blind clinical study revealed 96% improvement of hair thickening and restoration which is more effective than Rogeine.
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Solution 2
Japanese hair thickening treatment exclusively patented in the most famous company, Aderans.
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Solution 3
Adding hair and volume instantly. A safe and all-natural procedure specially made for thin hair that involves no chemicals, adhesives, weaves, transplants, matrix or hair system.
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