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Japanese permanent texture technique’s are number one in the world. We serve permanent texture services on a daily basis. It is the most popular service in Japan, but rare in the U.S. At Taka Hair Salon, we provide a full range from body perm, spiral perm, twist perm, to dread perm. We have the ability to create pretty much any kinds of curl you wish.

Regular perm which creates medium to strong texture. We use Japanese and American products, depending on your hair type and type of curl you desire.

Acid Perm is more mild to your hair and creates more of a body perm. If you have hair color, we recommend you to do Acid Perm.

We use different kinds of methods to create creative texture, such as twist perm, braiding perm, cotton perm, foil perm and so on. We will create a unique look just for you based on your lifestyle, style and etc.

We have 4 basic dread perm to create dread looking hair. It will work for any type of hair.

A digital perm offers big and bouncy, long-lasting curls. Adigital perm usually lasts 1.5 times longer than a regular perm

Add Texture

There are three options to add texture to the hair, whether the desired result is a soft, subtle texture to add support to any style or a resilient, exaggerated texture that dictates the style.