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What's the difference between Yuko Straightening and Regular Straightening?

Once you have the Yuko Straightening done, your hair is permanently straight. You only have to re-do the roots that come in naturally.


How often do I have to retouch my hair?

If you have particularly strong, wavy hair, we typically recommend once every six months to once a year. Please consult your stylist.


After I have the treatment done, how many days do I have to wait before I can wash my hair?

48 hours. You can not wash your hair on the second day. The straightening chemicals continue to work up to 48 hours after the stylist applies them. Also, do not wet your hair or style it with any kind of wave (ie. Ponytail, putting behind your ears), as it will be permanently waved.


Can I have colored hair?

Yes, you can. Color affects the texture of your hair, which will also affect the results of the straightening. Before your treatment, please consult your stylist.


Can I have highlighted hair?

No. Most of the time, colored hair has a different texture than your regular hair, and the straightening will be uneven. There are exceptions, so please consult your stylist.


Can I also have a hair manicure?

No. Hair manicure is a coating on your hair, and the straightening chemicals cannot penetrate your hair. We will allow you to have the straightening at a minimum of three months after your hair manicure.


I want to straighten my hair, but not have it pin straight, is that possible?

Yes, there are different levels of straightness that can be applied to the hair.


I've had the Yuko Straightening before, but my roots have grown out, and my hair has become curly because of it. Do I have to get it all straightened again? How much does that cost?

If your hair has become curly because of your newly grown roots, the straightening might have to be performed on your whole head again. If that is the case, the base price will usually be the same as the previous time, as it takes the same amount of time and chemicals. Please tell your stylist, however, as they can be sure to take extra care of the roots as well as the previously straightened hair.


Is there anything I need to be careful of after the straightening?

Please do not wash your hair for 48 hours after the straightening, and it is recommended you use the Yuko home care products to make your hair stronger and cleaner. There has been a big difference in hair quality of customers that use the Yuko home care shampoo and treatment.


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