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Cut & Style

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Level System

Our professional staff works on a Level System which measures both experience and years of dedication. Those at higher levels are more often educators and industry leaders who have established a higher client demand. A promotion to a new level is an opportunity for advancement. This encourages stability and allows our employees a chance to grow and prosper based on their years of loyalty and a commitment to their profession and clients. We provide artists at every level to best suit the individual needs of our clients.

Level 2 - Established Stylist

Level 3 - Expert

Level 4 - Mentor

Level 5 - By Request Only




Our award wining stylists here at Taka Hair Salon are well know for constantly learning and applying the latest techniques to ensure complete quality customer satisfaction. We provide global services to our customers in the best of both Japanese and American trends and techniques. Our goal is to ensure our clients look beautiful not only while at our salon but also during there daily lives. We teach all of our clients how to apply the same techniques we use here in the salon when styling or caring for there hair at home.

We all enjoy challenging our selves to make our clients drastically more beautiful through our talents.

Why choose Taka?

  1. Consultation
    - Based off what we ask about your desired hair style, your life style, natural hair tendencies and the condition of your hair we decide what will work best to achieve your desired style both in the salon and at home.
    -Considering the shape of your face, you’re entire head, and your height we execute the proper technique designed for servicing your hair.
    -While considering your desired style for your hair we are careful to take in every consideration and inform you of our professional point of view based on our experience and knowledge.

  2. Shampoo
    -Styling your hair is 50% easier when using the properly prescribed Shampoo and Conditioner based on your hair texture and desired hair style.
    -Our Japanese shampooing techniques are designed to provide you with superior comfort.               

  3. Hair Cut
    Just like painting a beautiful picture, we will cut the outline of your hair while it is wet and perform more detailed artistic work while it is dry.

    • What is a Dry Cut?
      When the hair is dry we are able to evaluate how your hair naturally rests and moves. With dry hair we are also able to texturize in according to the style you choose for you hair and if necessary we can make your hair flat, give it more or less volume, flip it, curl it in, make it more funky or just change the style in any way you wish. Dry cutting also shapes your hair for easier styling at home.

  4. Styling
    Considering your new hair cut we will now initiate our styling technique based on your hair texture and your life style. We will make it very easy for you to duplicate this same hairstyle at home.

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