Hair Extensions
We carry many different kinds of extensions. You can choose to have the world famous best quality extensions worn by Paris Hilton know as Dream catchers, Japanese style extensions or micro extensions which are great for thinning hair and are extremely natural looking; we are also very skilled with dread extensions, economical extensions and so on. All of our stylists have many years experience with extensions and are very well trained.
Dream Catchers $15 per piece

Have you ever dreamt of having gorgeous hair, like Paris Hilton? Now you can!

At last you can have the same, top of the line hair extensions put in at Taka Hair Salon. As the Hilton Hotel heiress, Paris Hilton is known to purchase only the best of the best.

The best thing about this service is that you can reuse the hair for a whole year, unlike other hair extensions that must be thrown out in two to three months.

Hilton’s extensions use the latest technology. Say good-bye to glues, waxes, weaves, and clips. This service causes no damage to the hair, and once the base starts to grow, you can quickly and easily move the extensions back to the base. Taking them out is a cinch, too. Of course, there are no worries about hair falling out either.

Won’t you give DreamCatchers a try? Enjoy the highest quality hair extensions beloved by A-listing celebrities.

DreamCatchers are recommended for those that desire:

  • to have longer hair
  • to have more volume
  • to have wavy hair without the use of chemicals or perm for a highlighted, more dimensional look
  • top-quality hair
  • to look just like a celebrity
  • something better than the usual extensions
  • to no longer having hair fall out
  • to have top-of-the-line products, even if you have to sacrifice a little extra money
Fusion $7.50 per piece

Fusion type is the most popular and highly practiced extension technique in U.S.A.

Extensions are applied to hair with a special bonding agent, and the look is very natural because the agent color is chosen to match the hair color. The fact that the part applied is very small makes it barely noticeable. It is also easily removable with the special release agent. Fusion is great for people with sensitive scalps because it is very airy and light.

The hair used is Remi-high quality, 100% human hair (Remi hair is said to be one of the best extension hair, in which the cuticle is facing the same direction, and has a great feel to it).

Fusion is recommended for those that desire:

  • to have longer hair.
  • to have more volume.
  • to have wavy hair without the use of chemicals or perm.
  • to not only have longer hair, but also to put in highlights.
  • to go from short to long hair.
  • to put in extensions for the bangs.
  • to use scalp-sensitive products.
  • to not feel any pain.
  • to have a natural-finished look.
Individual $13.50 per piece

Individual type is a very popular technique in Japan, in which hair extensions are braided into your hair. You can easily remove the pieces by yourself, and the applied part can even be shown as a stylish style. You don’t have to worry about hair falling out, and since each piece is pretty thick, you won’t have to put in as many pieces to complete your look, and is a popular choice for Japanese people.

The hair used is Remi-high quality, 100% human hair (Remi hair is said to be one of the best extension hair, in which the cuticle is facing the same direction, and has a great feel to it).

Individual is recommended for those that desire:

  • to have longer hair.
  • to have more volume.
  • to have wavy hair without the use of chemicals or perm.
  • to have the least amount of pieces possible.
  • to be easily able to take the pieces out on their own.
Link $100 $70 / 100 hairs

Micro Point Link allows us to take 4 strands of hair and link them directly to a single strand of growing hair, instantly increasing the density of that hair by 400% without causing damage or stress to the hair. The knot is so tiny, your new hair looks and feels like your natural growing hair.

It is feather light, many times stronger than natural growing hair, and has moisture content and style memory that will allow your hair to move naturally with freedom and flexibility. It can be added anywhere to increase your bangs or even change your hairline. You hair can still be washed everyday, colored, or chemically treated.

Accent $9 & up
If you want to add a lot of hair at one time, Accent will be the best solution. A Micro Point Accent has 100 Cyberhairs attached to one very tiny bead which is 1/5 of a regular extension’s attachment. No glues, heat, bonds, or chemicals. This extension is especially made for thin hair, so it will give you more volume with a little extensions and very light and quick.
Braiding $10 & up
We have different kinds of braiding including Japanese braiding and different colors.
Dread Extensions $10 & up
This service uses hair pieces/extensions to provide longer length, or more hair mass. It helps creates a smoother, cleaner look as well as create unique dread looks. You can be a little bit more creative with your dreads with our variety of dread extension services.
Which Extensions are good for you?
Since our opening in 1998, our salon has been recognized in various magazines for our ability to match the hair texture and quality that our clients hope to achieve.

By matching the type of extension that best suits their goals to our clients, we are able to not only just make hair longer, bring out movement, add volume, and change color, but also to bring about the specific look that they are trying to achieve.

To get specific details pertaining to your own hair, please make an appointment for a FREE hair extension consultation.


Extension Type


Lengthen Hair

Fusion, Individual, DreamCatcher, I-tip

Any type of extension can increase the length of your hair. The type of extension that best fits you depends on the strength of your scalp, hair condition, preferred design, and what you prefer in terms of the feel of the final attached extension.

Improve the Look of Damaged Hair

Fusion, Individual, DreamCatcher, I-tip Link

By attaching healthy-looking extensions, your damaged hair will not stand out as much. We recommend these extensions to make your hair look good and healthy-looking.

Improve the Look of Thinning Hair

Link, Accent, Fusion, DreamCatcher, I-tip

We decide what type of extension would be best for you depending on the state of your thinning hair. If your hair is thinning to the point where your scalp is visible, we recommend using Link. However, if you still have a good amount of hair, we recommend Accent.

Add Volume

Link, Accent, Fusion, Fusion, DreamCatcher, I-tip

We will pick out the right type of extension for you depending on the condition of your hair, the amount of hair that you have, and where you would like to add volume.

Add Hair to Cowlick


We attach the link extensions so that the attachment is not visible, and the link covers the visible scalp area at the cowlick.

Add Movement to Hair

Fusion, DreamCatcher, I-tip, Individual, Accent

By adding wavy extensions, we can make your hair look wavy or even give it a look similar to that of permed hair.

Add Color

Fusion, Individual, DreamCatcher, I-tip, Accent

We can add highlights, conceal grey hair, or even add wild colors so that you can have fun being fashionable.

Add Extensions Inexpensively

Fusion, Individual, DreamCatcher, I-tip, Accent

If you let your stylist know your budget, your stylist will do their best to suggest the best method to stay within that budget.

Add Long-Lasting, High Quality Extensions

DreamCatcher, I-tip

Our longest-lasting and highest quality extensions, called DreamCatchers, can last up to 1 year. Even with non-dream catcher extension, we use extensions that are high quality, made from natural human hair with the cuticle still attached, so they last longer and look better than extensions you might get at other salons.

Funky/Different Style

Fusion, Individual, DreamCatcher, I-tip, Accent, Braids, Melrose Dread, Dread Extension, Feather Dread, Twist, 4-section Braiding, Reverse 4section Braiding

Not only can we attach extensions of different colors like red, green, orange, etc, but we can also make your extensions in various designs.

Want Extensions that Won’t Damage Hair


All of the extensions that we use here at Taka Hair Salon will not damage your hair.

Want Dreads

Melrose Dread, Feather Dread, Regular Dread