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To book on-line you need to provide your client Q # and password. These must be registered with Taka hair salon. Once you have submitted your information you can begin to book on-line. Here is the booking process:

Enter your Client Q # and password.

  • Step 1) Select the general type of service you would like such as: haircut, eyaelash perm etc.
  • Step 2) Select the specific service you would like such as: spa manicure
  • Step 3) Select your preferred employee<
  • Step 4) Select date and time you are available

    Maximum waiting time (used for booking multiple services in one day.) If you would like a manicure and a massage, after you receive your manicure what is the most time you would wait to start receiving your massage. You can book multiple appointments at once for the same day by following the above steps.

  • Step 5) A list of all available appointments will appear and you can choose what suits your schedule.

NOTE: You cannot change or cancel your appointments on-line, but you can go in and view all appointments made on-line or otherwise. In the event guests must cancel an appointment or reschedule, they must call 24 hours prior to their appointment time.  A Cancellation or No Show will result in a $20 charge.

Some menu items are not available to be booked on-line due to the sensitive needs of the service.

Disclaimer - Should you abuse the advantage to book on-line, privileges will be revoked at the discretion of Taka hair salon without notice.