Our unique Tokyo Style technique will bring hair style more artistic, creative, detail, and easy to take care. We are famous for creating amazing hair style for difficult Asian hair, but a lot of non-Asian such as Caucasian, Latino and African American enjoy our unique techniques. We believe that our strong educational background using American technique and specialty techniques captured the hearts of Japanese, American, European and African customers.

With master technicians in hair extension, hair growth, volumizing, dreads and eyelash perms, we are able to satisfy customer’s requests on a larger scale.

For color, we are able to accommodate hair of any race and offer products starting with Aveda’s 99% natural color to specialized coloring.

To make a customer happy is our motivation and joy.

Trends are constantly changing. It is said that in today's world, new and innovating media and ideas are leading humanity. Without us knowing, things are rapidly changing and old ideas become obsolete. Taka Hair Salon is a total beauty salon that incorporates and integrates the needs of the society to create a gathering of multi-talented artists. We provide global services to our customers in the best of both Japanese and American trend and techniques. At Taka Hair Salon, we totalize your beauty needs- haircuts, hair extensions, dread locks, eyelash perm, hair growth, waxing, wedding, and kitsuke can all be done here.

Taka Hair Salon is a gathering place of many stylists with award-winning skills and techniques. We are constantly learning and applying fresh techniques to create an environment that will ensure quality customer satisfaction. We strive to bring out the best qualities from each stylist to make a well-rounded salon. From the hair extensions that are popular amongst the youngsters to customers that are worried about their hair gradually thinning out, to even those who are seeking help with their unruly, frizzy hair (in which we offer thermal straightening), we have various specialists for all types of needs.

owner's comment

Beauty leads to all things positive- confidence, energy, radiance. Being beautiful is fun, and is also delightful. Just one haircut can radically change your whole look. I'm sure people can relate when I say that there has been times when it's difficult to know your own strengths and know what looks good on yourself. As professionals, we can bring out that unique character to play up the best features our customers have. However, in order to do this, communication is the most important tool. Understanding each other's sensibilities leads to the beginning of a great creation. Thus, I always tell my stylists, “Be true to yourself. It is important to know what's good to you and what's not good to you. With all honesty, think of the best way to make your client beautiful and happy." People don't want to hear flattering words, they want to know the truth and how to make things better. As I began to create and manage Taka Hair Salon, I decided to incorporate every aspect of our dream salon. First and foremost, to have the best techniques. Techniques are critical to create the best of the best. Second, to have fun. All of the stylists have great characteristics, and we all get along great with each other. Third, make sure that the products we stand by are of top quality, that it is beneficial and healthy for the hair. We update our product, so that although the menu remains the same, the benefits are groundbreaking. This is what we believe to be called “trust." This is not to say that we are only seeking trust between out customers; it is also necessary to have trust amongst ourselves. We only recommend services and products that we, ourselves, believe to be the very best, from the bottom of our hearts. We first try out the products and services ourselves, because what better way to try something new? The list goes on and on. we hope to continue to create our dream salon, and hope that you can become part of it. We welcome all comments and suggestions as to make the best salon there is. With your help and encouragement, we can create our dream salon.