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After Care Note

Natural Dreadlocks

  • Once the dreads have been set (ask your stylist for the approximate time best-suited for your hair type), wash your hair with Knotty Boy dreads-exclusive shampoo.
  • Use Knotty Boy Tightening Gel to tighten dreads.
  • Once the dreads start to fall apart, use Knotty Boy Wax to strengthen and add texture.
  • Once your scalp starts to feel itchy, or you feel like it’s starting to give out some odor, apply Knotty Boy Cooling Spray onto the scalp and massage it in.
  • When your roots begin to grow, apply Knotty Boy Wax and twist it from the roots.


  • After getting the perm, do not wash hair for at least one week.
  • Apply beeswax before washing your hair, then shampoo - this will maintain great looking dreads, especially right after getting them done.
  • Use Knotty Boy dreads-exclusive shampoo.
  • For the first month, apply beeswax everyday or every other day before washing your hair to maintain your new look.
  • Do not sleep with your hair wet.