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At Taka Hair Salon in Los Angeles, we have been doing Thermal Straightening since 1998, and in Japan since 1985. We find great joy in seeing how happy people become when they get their hair straightened by us. Such an experience makes us always want to bring about better and better results, not only in making people’s hair straight but also making it healthier and more beautiful than ever.

Using the latest technology available, we now we have a variety of choices available for hair straightening. Some people want their hair to be completely straight and don’t want to bother with blow drying; some people love their curls but just wish to have less curly or frizzy hair; some people have overly damaged hair and cannot do anymore chemical treatments but dream about healthy hair, and some people love the blow-dryed look. At Taka hair salon, we can make everyone’s dream come true. Since we specialize in straightening, you will be able to choose your desired finish for your straighten hair based on your hair condition and texture.

All of our stylists receive the same exclusive training to ensure that we provide excellent results. We always update our techniques with the latest knowledge and training programs. I am very proud of my stylists because of their sincerity in wanting to serve their clients and their responsibility in doing the best they can. Because I attend many seminars for straightening, I know what other salons are doing and what their quality of straightening is. My Japanese modesty escapes me, but I really believe that we bring the best possible results for our customers. We put all our heart into making our customers’ hair beautiful. We want to be better and better at what we do. I believe that it is out responsibility to provide the best work possible. If I were looking for a hair salon, I would definitely come to Taka Hair Salon. If you feel our passion for straightening, please give us a chance to make your hair straight and beautiful. Your beauty is our dream.

Naoko Tamada